From the Four Corner’s of the Block, to the World! Next Stop: Mission Cuba!


In 79 days I will be on the road again to Cuba to be the hands and feet of Jesus in that country. As many of you know the past year I have been training with a mentor to learn how to effectively lead missions trips and live missionally. This will be the first trip that I attend just the week following my Short Term Missions training with Adventures in Missions in Gainesville, GA. I am very excited about the work we will do in this country.

Cuba is less than 90 miles from the United States and is the the largest island in the Caribbean. It has the second largest population in the region, and before the US Embargo of 1960, was one of the most advanced and prosperous nations in Latin America. From quality education, high life expectancy, and technological advances like telephones and automobiles, life in Cuba in the 1950’s was good. Enter the Communist Revolution in 1959. Economic depression followed the Soviet Union’s collapse. The Embargo limited trade and tourism to the nation in 1960, and the combination of those three factors left Cuba stuck in the 1950’s, its once thriving economy unable to advance. Now in 2015, it’s a nation without modern technology, appliances, or automobiles newer than the 1950’s.

Adventures began officially going to Cuba in 2012, before the Embargo lifted. What we found was a nation hungry for Christ and a growing church inviting us to partner with them. Officially, Cuba is a secular nation. There is no national religion, although 59% of the population would call themselves Catholic. There is no organized faith. While it isn’t illegal to be a Christian in Cuba, churches are against the law – as are all religious buildings, no matter the faith. Old monasteries and cathedrals sit empty, their halls echoing with the memories of those who used to fill them. Christians cannot meet with others to worship; neither can they share their faith with others. They live in secret.

Our team will fly in through one of seven chartered flights from Miami to Havana, spend a day experiencing the culture and sights of the capital city, then head to the ministry location, Santi Spiritus, a 500-year-old city four hours away. Santi Spiritus is the home of a pastor of over 100 churches throughout the nation. During the week we will see the firsthand the church growth in this section of the country. Ministry varies from sports ministry, construction/farming, teaching/Bible studies, home visits, VBS, and encouraging the church. Meals are made by the women of the church, over an open fire. We will stay in government-approved hostels, debrief on a rooftop overlooking the city, and be a part of the exciting work God is doing in the growing Cuban church. For the first time in half a century, Cuba is officially open to Americans. With a growing church network, members hungry for encouragement from Christians across the world, and so many who have never heard the Gospel, this literally is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The trip cost is $795 which includes food and lodging. This does not include the flight. It is my heart’s desire to also raise $2000 dollars to be able to sow into the ministries of the pastors we will serve in the house churches. If God puts it on your heart to give please donate through my website Jennifer Lucy Inspires or feel free to donate directly through my PayPal link.  In the notes column please designate the funds for what you would like it to cover. Please consider shopping in my Jennifer Lucy Inspires store because 100 percent of the proceeds go to missions. I am personally in the process of receiving my own 501 c3 Tax Exempt status for our missions organization. However, we do not have it at this present time. If you would like to make this a tax deductible contribution please mail to: Adventures in Missions (Missions Participant: Jennifer Tyler for Cuba) P.O. Box 742570 Atlanta, GA 30374-2570.

Thank you all so much for your heart, support and love over the years!

Love, Jennifer Lucy Tyler #theFavorProject2016


“Live Missionally Love Unconditionally”

PS- We are still doing #theFavorProject2016! Its not too late to join us! Those who participate will agree to journal all year the favor, answered prayers, acts of kindness, and grace that you receive and also bestow upon others this year! We did this two years ago and it was simply amazing to see our kindness to others and gratefulness go to a new level.