Whose Voice Are You Following?

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27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me… - John 10:27-30English Standard Version (ESV)

As we do the Favor Project together this is a question that we must ask ourselves daily! It is critical as we endeavor to remain focused with an attitude of gratitude and giving throughout the year. Have you ever had a moment where you just sat and daydreamed the worst possible scenario? Or maybe you have a big dream and you find yourself becoming anxious as you think of what can go wrong or why it won’t ever happen? Maybe, you find yourself scrolling Instagram and Facebook and you become discouraged as you hear the voice in the head that tells you, “It won’t ever happen for you. Or you aren’t pretty or smart enough?”

There are so many voices that we often allow to compete with THE main voice that we should be listening too and that is God our Father. I love this verse above because Jesus is saying that a great indicator of someone that is His sheep is that they hear His voice, He knows them, and they follow Him. This will also be an indicator of how the world will know who Jesus is through you. When they observe you obeying and following His voice on a daily basis, they will see God’s glory on your life. Our prayer is that they see that and ask, “What must I do to be saved?” Your life will stand out because of the voice you follow. “You are the light of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14) So I ask you again. Whose voice are you following? I want to encourage you this month to drown out the competing voices. Some of those voices maybe friendships or relationships. Other voices come from social media, and television. As we endeavor to hear God’s voice clearly and obey His instructions for this year we have to make His voice the loudest and most clear one. A great way of doing that is to declare a fast. What could you give up daily to make sure you hear God even clearer? Only you know what that is and I want to encourage you that its necessary for where God is taking you this year! He has an amazing purpose on your life but in order to effectively hear, and to plan, you must drown out the voices that don’t come from Him.



Jennifer Lucy Tyler #theFavorProject2016

“Live Missionally Love Unconditionally”


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