Millionaires Club yet Miserable.


At the top of this year, I was inducted to a “Millionaires Club” with a network marketing company that I was a part of for 6 years. You would think this would have brought joy but inside I was extremely unhappy. I felt overwhelmed by a company and an industry that required me to spend more time focusing on building them than building the things brewing inside me. I walked away in June by faith from earning some of the largest checks of my life to focus on more of Godly purpose. There were things that were keeping me up at night, and things I began to dream about that I knew God wanted me to focus on. I would cry out to God literally and pray for an out, and He gave me one. Because I understand the power of having at least one stream of residual income to use as a vehicle to invest, I started a journey with a new company that catered more to my everyday life. Its a shopping club that gives discounts on eco friendly, everyday products. I had peace going in this direction because it would not require me to sell and worked as more of a referral program. Nonetheless, working it would not come at the expense of putting aside what God was ultimately calling me to do in this season. While all of this was happening my friends and I decided that it was best to close down our boutique, Luxe for Brunch to focus more on what God was calling each of us to do. I would have loved for my story to read, “…and because of this she lived happily ever after and every door was opened and she made more money than she ever made before.” But then I would be lying, catering to the highlight reels that so many people show on social media. Honestly, its been challenging yet rewarding.

What I’ve learned this past year is that I can have the largest bank account and still be miserable inside when I’m not doing all of what I’m called to do. Author of “Called to Create” Jordan Raynor said it best,

“For those called to create, this means that while we should certainly hustle, we must first trust in God who, throughout history, has been faithful to provide for his people. If we trust in God’s character and steward the talents he has given us well, we can rest knowing that the results are in his hands, that he is in control and is working everything for our good.”

Teaching on Spiritual Warfare at Zion Church, Landover, MD

Teaching on Spiritual Warfare at Zion Church, Landover, MD

I made a vow that in 2019, I would do all of the things that brought me the most joy and give God the most glory. The most joy I experienced this year was when I led a missions team to Ghana alongside my husband, when I’ve spoken at various conferences and events, and through launching my baby “SoulCircles” which teaches women how to study the Bible all over the globe. These things may have not earned me the big checks that I had been used too but when I think of the “highlights” and best moments of my year these come first. I’ve also witnessed God provide for our family in ways that I can only give Him the credit and glory for. We have not missed any meals, and our needs are met. Yes we had to cut back on some things as a family. But as we cut back we are also praying, creating, and strategizing on how the Lord would have us to use our gifts and also earn steady income. I am excited to see all of what God will do as we serve our gifts to the world.

The Missions Team I led to Ghana in May of 2018

The Missions Team I led to Ghana in May of 2018

As I prepare to walk into 2019, there is some uncertainty yet there is great confidence in Christ. There are a few challenges, yet there is peace that surpasses my understanding. There are trials yet there is joy, laughter and love in my household.

A few things are for certain… I am called to this life but only if I”m reflecting The Creator in all that I do. As Christians we cannot look to the left or to the right but only to our Father in Heaven who has given us our gifts to glorify Him. I’ll leave you with a few more words from Jordan Raynor that speak to me in this season,

“We choose this path because Someone has called us to create. We choose this path because God gave us the passion, giftings, and opportunities to use our entrepreneurial talents to glorify him, love others, and create something that has a shot at being considered the glory of the nations. So my final charge to you and to myself is this: create in a way that our work can never be confused as a mere “job.” Create in a away that clearly conveys to ourselves and the world that we work sacrificially for someone else. We work for the One who has called us to create.”

If this spoke to you, I want your feedback! Leave a comment, share, and lets chat. God bless you all as we prepare for 2019.

SoulCircles-NYC November 2018

SoulCircles-NYC November 2018



Jennifer Lucy Tyler

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