A 7-Week Spiritual Reboot for the Woman on the Go



We’ve all experienced it.

That time in our lives where we have been hustling hard and going after our goals. For years I worked in the direct sales industry and became a 7-figure earner. I launched other businesses and accomplished a lot of things but during the summer of 2018 my sister in law asked me a question I will never forget. She asked, “Are you stressed?” I started to cry. I was stressed and I didn’t realize I was stressed.

What happened? Where was the Jennifer that would just sit before her Bible and study? Where was the Jennifer who didn’t go anywhere without asking someone do they need prayer or simply sharing the gospel? Where was the Jennifer that actively pursued calling over everything else?

Hard work is honorable and its important, but in the midst of working hard we must not forget to simply breathe. We must also not forget the foundation of who called us as Christians and that is God. That question was a wake-up call. I needed to slow down, unplug from the noise, and reconnect my focus to God in a way that was intentional and fruitful.

This course is designed to help you do just that. Just as a computer often needs a reboot, our lives do as well. Yet, this is not just any type of reboot. This is a Spiritual Reboot that requires you to connect with God in a way that you may have not in a long time. I extended this course to 7 weeks because 7 is the number of completion and I had so much more to share! I believe that if you are diligent with watching the sessions, engaging in our community, and applying the SoulWork that you will finish this course with a renewed focus on why you do what you do! “For the glory of God alone.”


(Note: Videos are emailed once a week beginning Feb 14th, 2019)