Soul Circles Online Course


We’ve all experienced it. Moments when you’ve opened up the Bible and things just don’t seem to connect. You may have a love for some of the stories, and of course the book of Proverbs. But you really don’t get into the entire Bible or quite know how every book works together to reveal God’s plan for humanity. And of course you don’t dare venture off into the book of Revelations. Somewhere along the road you’ve lost your passion and cannot remember the last time you shared the gospel with someone. And yes, you pray before meals but beyond that you haven’t been praying like you should. Words like theology and exegesis sounds important, but you don’t know the first step to growing in either of them. If this sounds like you then the SoulCircles Online Course is for you! Whether you have attended a live SoulCircle event or not this course will give you the opportunity to do a deeper dive with other women. We will engage with scripture in a way that’s not intimidating, while giving you Bible Study tools and strategies you can use during your personal study/devotion time. Just as a computer often needs a reboot, our lives do as well. Yet, this is not just any type of reboot. This is a Spiritual Reboot that requires you to connect with God in a way that you may have not in a long time. I believe that if you are diligent with watching the sessions, engaging in our community, and applying the SoulWork that you will finish this course with a renewed focus on why you do what you do! “For the glory of God alone.”





Understanding the Story of Scripture- This module helps us to understanding the complete story of scripture and how every part works together. We walk through the Creation, the Fall, our Redemption, and Restoration.



How to Study the Bible Inductively?- Inductive Bible study is an investigative process to studying scripture. During this process you walk through three components: Observation, Interpretation, and Application? This module unpacks those components, along with understanding different Bible translations, the importance of prayer in study, and our response to God's word.


MODULE three

What is the gospel? If you ask that question to a group of people, more than likely you will receive different answers from everyone. Its clear that we have a solid understanding of the gospel to be able to recognize its continuity throughout scripture, to know how to effectively communicate it to others, and to learn what its like to live in light of the gospel truth. It is foundational to our faith and important that we have a lifestyle of rehearsing the gospel in our lives.


We believe in prayer because we believe in the power of God. What are some different types of prayer found throughout scripture? How do I effectively pray the scriptures?